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Some new perspectives to help you get unstuck

Are you treading water or running just to keep still?  Do you feel worn out with no options? What if you decided not to be stuck and chose adventure, exploration, excellence and renewal instead of safety, familiarity, and acceptance?  Where would you go, what would you do? It takes courage and commitment to truly respond to […]

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What is your why?

Your why is another way of thinking about your life purpose or underlying reason for doing what you do, how you make your contribution to the world.  It’s all about how you make your mark and create your legacy. Uncovering or rediscovering your why allows you to gain a sense of energy and clarity about […]

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How full is your glass?

Do you look on the bright side of things or do you pride yourself on your realistic, or even pessimistic, outlook? Many pessimists believe that their more negative attitude or tendency to anticipate undesirable outcomes will protect them from disappointment or prepare them to deal with unpleasant events. If you’re not naturally optimistic, why might […]

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