It’s all in the smile…

I recently watched the  “webversation” between David Zinger and David Gelb on the Employee Engagement network and found it a really inspiring and enriching experience.  Great, timeless lessons for anyone looking for more meaning and enjoyment at work, or for managers wanting to engage their staff.

They discuss the characteristics that Da Vinci demonstrated that allowed him to connect so completely with his art and science and to bring forth ideas and insights that were truly innovative, forward looking and fundamental.

Here is an overview of the beautiful concepts they discussed:


Have an insatiable quest for knowledge and continuous improvement – set free your passion and intensity to ask the  right questions, to see latent potential in others and to bring this forth….


Develop resilience, learn from your mistakes, think for yourself  and encourage yourself. Da Vinci left notes for himself in the margins of his work such as “I shall continue” and “Obstacles will not bend me.”


Be in the moment and sharpen your senses.  Savour the miracle of existence. Enjoy!


Embrace ambiguity, shine in the face of change (and keep a sense of humour).


Use both sides of your brain!  Blend words and images, the logical with the intuitive. Plan and dream.  Use mind maps.


Balance your body and mind so that they are in alignment and  so that you can align with your true sense of purpose.


Make connections, create value.  Be the person whose actions and behaviour make a difference. Find ways to connect what you do with your sense of higher purpose.

“Fix your course to a star and you can navigate any storm.”  – Leonardo Da Vinci





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