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From Frustration to Inspiration: the 7 Step Process to Loving Your Work

Place card with I Love My Job written on itAre you trapped in a “great” job, bored, fed up, lethargic, weary or feeling that what you’re doing is meaningless?  Maybe going to work each day is getting harder and harder, and you can’t afford to resign.

You don’t have to “resign yourself” to an uninspired existence.  Friends and family might tell you you’re lucky to have your job but you know that you can be more, do more and give more, you just don’t know how, yet…

This 7 step process will allow you to approach your situation in a more creative, optimistic way and give you the tools and systems you need to move from frustration to inspiration at work.

How it works

  • 7 part audio programme (MP3)
  • Comprehensive Workbook covering the 7 Step Process
  • 2 hours laser coaching

What you’ll get:

  • A new work success mindset
  • A personal definition of what happiness and success at work means to you
  • A full understanding of what you value and enjoy at work
  • A clear view of your talents and strengthsPractical steps you can take to manage your emotions and feel better fast
  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Clarity of the real issues you need to address and how to do this
  • Your story, how this has shaped your life so far and how you can use it to re-write your future
  • Identification of the resources and development that you need and how to find them
Investment: £497 (+VAT)
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