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More knowledge than sense?

I read a fantastic post on Marshall Goldsmith’s blog recently which really re-inforced for me how much our expectations,  mindsets (and not to mention training) affect out experience and performance at work. It talks specifically about “Knowledge Workers” (people who know more about what they are doing than their managers do), and their attitudes towards […]

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Us and Them

According to author Daniel Pink, Former U.S. Labour Secretary, Robert B. Reich, would use a “pronoun test” when he visited an organisation to find out how engaged the employees he spoke to were. Reich concluded that an employee who uses “we”  rather than “they” feels more integrated within the company, identifies him or herself more […]

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What does waking up at work mean to you?

Perhaps you’re remembering that horrible moment, when…. you’ve just been “resting your eyes” in a  rather long presentation and…you jerk awake, suddenly aware that a gentle snore or a nodding head has betrayed you and all eyes are upon you. Maybe it conjures up an image of a herd of commuters trudging zombie-like to the […]

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