The Power of Why

For many of us there is a particular moment in our working lives when we start to question what we are doing.  We revisit the insistent question beloved by the unrelenting three year old inside us, “Why?”.

We have moved on from the wonderful innocence of questions such as  “Why is the sky?” and “Why is water wet?”  Now our whys can be more disturbing; loaded with a sense of time running out, a need to make a difference or a yearning to create more space, meaning, freedom, fun and enjoyment in our lives.

Why? is such a fundamental question because it helps to reveal the meaning underlying our behaviour and can help us uncover a powerful sense of purpose.

We invest so much of our time and energy at work  – how can we use this as an opportunity to connect with what is really important to us and to become inspired and fulfilled?

Why did you go work today?

How do people where you work find meaning in what they  do?

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom” – Thomas Jefferson

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