What does waking up at work mean to you?

Perhaps you’re remembering that horrible moment, when…. you’ve just been “resting your eyes” in a  rather long presentation and…you jerk awake, suddenly aware that a gentle snore or a nodding head has betrayed you and all eyes are upon you.

Maybe it conjures up an image of a herd of commuters trudging zombie-like to the office; only coming back to life momentarily with an injection of overpriced caffeine before continuing to plod lethargically through the day.

(Or, are you fantasising about how it would feel to be able to work without having to get out of bed?)

For some of you this may strike a deeper chord as you cautiously acknowledge that the persistent questioning from your inner voice cannot be ignored forever. “What am I doing with my life? How should I be using my time? How can I make a difference?

Waking up at work represents an exciting and challenging opportunity for us all.

It is a chance to explore what is meaningful, rewarding and nourishing for us, to understand what stretches and drives us, and, how we can learn and grow through our work. A chance to discover where we are on the rocky path to finding our true selves and to reflect on who we really want to become.

Are you ready to see your work life with new eyes?

“I am awake” – Buddha


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