Who holds the power to improve your job? Part 2

Did you try any of the suggestions in Part 1 of this blog post?

How did it go and what did you discover?

Once you start to  be proactive and take responsibility for improving your job the small changes start to take effect.  Your confidence and your optimism begins to recover and expand and you start to see new possibilities.

Martin Seligman,  one of the leading thinkers in the positive psychology movement  has written about the  the opportunity we have for “recrafting” our jobs and one of the most effective ways, which usually goes down very well at work, is to find ways to use our strengths and gifts more widely.

Finding ways to use your strengths every day is a great way to increase fulfillment and satisfaction at work.  A strength is something that you can do consistently well, something you enjoy doing; that satisfies you and according to Marcus Buckingham it is something that you “can fathom yourself doing ..repeatedly, happily and successfully.”  It also needs to be an area in which you have an innate underlying talent.  There may of course be things that you love doing but you’re not actually very good at – needless to say these are not strengths!

This is great advice if you know what your strengths are, but what if you’re not so sure, or more likely you’ve forgotten because you’ve been moulded to fit your job rather than moulding your job to fit you?  Think about:

  • What you really enjoy doing
  • Things people compliment you on
  • Things that seem effortless

As these are the activities that will point you in the right direction.  Try asking other people what your strengths are as they can often identify the things that you take for granted. Working with a coach can also be a really effective way of discovering or pinpointing your true talents and strengths so that you can fully utilise these and excel at what you do. Not to mention love doing it…

Remember, proactivity is still the key here when you want to improve your job; look for areas or projects where you could make a real impact, where you can shine and show off your amazing talents. Seek out like minded people to spend time with and encourage each other to get involved in the things that really interest you, make you happy and allow you to contribute fully.

Don’t wait for your boss or someone else to come up with the opportunities, take control and start making a difference.

Oh yes and here’s the science bit :

“Most people do not know what their strengths are.  When you ask them, they look at you with a blank stare, or they respond in terms of subject knowledge, which is the wrong answer.” – Peter Drucker















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