Your Team

team members discussing a project

Do you sometimes feel frustrated that your people just don’t seem to “get it” or that they’re not focusing on the right things? Do the same old misunderstandings keep cropping up?

Find out how to build a successful, high performing team based on strong relationships and emotionally intelligent interactions.

As a leader or business owner you know that your success and competitive edge depend upon finding, managing, recognising and retaining talented people. To do this you need to know what you need and what they’re about.


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Team Development

Get re-orientated in times of transition or ambiguity, get clear about what you need to achieve and take meaningful actions to get the results you want.

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Powerful Performance Conversations

Develop the skills you need to bring performance management processes to life and allow your people to deliver their best work.

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Creating Personal Engagement

Enable your key players to find productive and exciting ways to align individual values, talents and energies with the needs of your business.

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Building Impact and Influence

Become more intentional, influential and assertive to get the results you want with the support of others.

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Managing with Emotional Intelligence

This programme allows you to discover more about your personal style and how to manage and express this to best effect. Improve your self awareness and relationship skills and become more versatile and effective.

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Successful Recruitment and Selection

This course allows participants to enhance their success in recruitment.

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